Saturday, January 28, 2023

Smart light bulbs and Smart Plug from AiDot Ecosystem are one of the First to be Matter-certified

AiDot smart home, a smart home ecosystem brand, now driving brands within its smart home ecosystem to launch products to support the matter standards, fulfilling its commitment to the development of the smart home industry.

OREiN, MuJoy, and Linkind, brands joined the AiDot smart home ecosystem, announced that they have some products now compatible with the Matter, and Matter-certified from CSA. Products announced include the smart light bulb models A19, BR30, A60, Candle, and a Smart Plug. All those products will be Matter ready when launched to the Market in the future.

The goal of the Matter standard is to make all smart home devices interoperable. This means that Matter-compatible products can be used with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, or any other standard-compliant ecosystem.

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Consumers will be able to use the AiDot app for more differentiated functions of the products supported by the AiDot ecosystem, achieve the goal of smart home products Works with AiDot, and control any cross-ecosystem smart home products that meet the matter standards.

Music Rhythm and Immersive Entertainment modules are now launched for the connected smart lighting products in the AiDot APP. Consumers can join multiple smart light products to make the entire space scene flicker and beat with the tune and sound so that the light effect is fully synchronized with the local music dynamic, and meet the demand for creating the ultimate music atmosphere. The Music Rhythm module of AiDot App has 14 different light effects Rhythm Themes prepared for those using.

OREiN has 5 Matter over Wi-Fi products that got the Matter certification this time. Among them, smart light bulb A19 RGBTW and smart light bulb BR30 RGBTW will be launched in the United States, and smart light bulb A60 RGBTW, smart light bulb Candle RGBTW, and smart light bulb GU10 RGBTW will be launched in Europe.

MuJoy has 2 Matter over thread products are Matter-compatible and have got the Matter certification. MuJoy will launch Smart Bulb A19 RGBTW and a Smart Plug for the US region

Linkind has 2 Matter over Wi-Fi products are compatible with Matter, and Matter-certified. Linkind will launch products in the United States including Smart Bulb A19 RGBTW and Smart Bulb BR30 RGBTW.

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