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Energy, Power and Sustainability

Read Magazine’s Weekly News Roundup With V2X, Taranis, Covideo, Akima, Tesla And More!

Here is Read Magazine’s Weekly Roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the...

First Solar Commissions Western Hemisphere’s Largest Solar R&D Center

First Solar, Inc.commissioned a new research and development (R&D) innovation center in Lake Township, Ohio, believed to be the largest facility of its kind...

Tesla Provides Intersect Power With 15.3 GWh of Megapacks for Solar + Storage Projects

Tesla and Intersect Power announced a contract for 15.3 GWh of Megapacks, Tesla’s battery energy storage system, for Intersect Power’s solar + storage project...

Water Data and IoT Company Divirod Joins SAS IoT Partner Ecosystem

Water data and IoT provider Divirod has joined the SAS Internet of Things (IoT) Partner Ecosystem. SAS is a global leader in data and AI, and this...

PeaSoup’s Sustainable Cloud Computing Expansion Gains Momentum with Partnership with Midas, Centersquare and Castrol

PeaSoup, a leading provider of eco-friendly cloud solutions, has announced a collaboration with Midas Immersion Cooling, a manufacturer of liquid immersion cooling tanks, Centersquare,...

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