Saturday, May 21, 2022


Businesses Will Have To Simplify the Transition To A Hybrid Work Model, Says Conga CMO Randy Littleson

“Most employees see the benefit of being in the office for planning, team building, and other vital meetings but just don’t want to be...

AI-Powered Translation Technology Can Enhance Business Performance, Says Unbabel CTO João Graça

“Using highly efficient LangOps, organizations can grow globally without having to worry about hiring expensive native speakers. AI-powered translation, along with humans who can...

Decentralization of SaaS Purchasing Is On the Rise, Says Zylo CEO Eric Christopher

“SaaS is now owned by the business, and the role of the CIO and IT teams is fundamentally changing. CIOs and IT leaders are...

AI and ML Are The Answer to Better HR Solutions, Says Sage’s VP of Product, Paul Burrin

“Simply posting and advertising may no longer suffice in today’s competitive hiring market, and the “great resignation” is not necessarily resulting in more talent...

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