Saturday, July 13, 2024


Read Magazine Interview With Debbie Braney, SVP of Global Marketing at Glassbox

Could you take us on a journey through your career and highlight a memorable instance where your adept translation of market insights led to...

Read Magazine Interview With Aya Kantor, VP of Product, Powermat

Hi, Aya, can you give us a quick background of your professional journey? How has it been so far? I started my journey in the...

Read Magazine Interview With Justin Hansen, COO and Co-Founder, Media Tradecraft

Producing great content and engaging with users are both extremely important for building and keeping a loyal audience outside of the walled gardens. Hi Justin,...

Read Magazine Interview With Stas Tushinskiy, CEO & Co-Founder, Instreamatic

Sometimes you need a deep crisis to start the internal revolution (Apple is another a great example), but changing everything when things go great...

Read Magazine Interview With Stephanie Klimaszewski, SVP, Marketing, Aki Technologies

B2B Tech companies are uniquely resourced and incentivized to drive Metaverse innovation forward faster than many other categories, which is why I believe B2B...

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