Monday, September 25, 2023


SPARX and TransVoyant Unveil “Eco”, an Innovative Carbon Reduction Solution

SPARX Logistics proudly announces its strategic partnership with TransVoyant, an AI-driven planning, performance and prescriptions platform. Together, we are introducing Eco, an innovative carbon-footprint reduction solution...

Mercedes-Benz Teams up With Mastercard to Introduce Native In-Car Payments at the Pump: Pay by Fingerprint Directly in the Car With Mercedes pay+

Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can now start the fueling process directly from their vehicle and pay digitally by fingerprint. Eliminating the need to enter...

OSIRIS-REx Sample Capsule Safely Touches Down with NASA’s First-Ever Asteroid Sample

Following a rapid and red-hot descent through Earth's atmosphere, NASA's OSIRIS-REx sample return capsule touched down in the desert at 8:52 a.m. MT, returning NASA's...

AutoNation and Dolphins Challenge Cancer Tackle Breast Cancer Health Disparities

AutoNation, Inc. and Dolphins Challenge Cancer are teaming up to address critical health disparities linked to social, economic and environmental factors with a new $1 million commitment...

Supermicro Announces Future Support and Upcoming Early Access for 5th Generation Intel® Xeon® Processors on the Complete Series of X13 Servers

Intel Innovation 2023  Supermicro, Inc , a Total IT Solution Provider for Cloud, AI/ML, Storage and 5G/Edge, announces future support for 5th Generation Intel Xeon...

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