Saturday, December 2, 2023


Poten & Partners Expands Its Energy Transition Business into Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol

Poten & Partners, a subsidiary of BGC Group, Inc., an integrated energy advisory, brokerage, and business intelligence company, announced the launch of a new...

The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Embracing Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry, also known as green chemistry, is a burgeoning field that seeks to design and implement chemical processes and products in a way...

MM-ISAC and AttackIQ Join Forces to Improve Cybersecurity Resiliency in the Mining and Metals Industry

The Global Mining and Metals Information Sharing Analysis Center and AttackIQ, the leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation solutions, announced a new...

Advancion Launches New Multifunctional Etheramine For Waterborne Industrial Coatings Systems

In recent years, the transition from solvent-borne to waterborne technologies has helped significantly lower VOC content and improve the sustainability profile of industrial and...

From Lab to Life: What’s Brewing in Modern Chemical Synthesis?

Ever wondered about the alchemical transformations that bring everyday products to life? What if I told you that behind the makeup of materials we...

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