Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Blue Hydrogen: Pioneering the Sustainable Future of Energy

The future of blue hydrogen is currently in the spotlight as we search for a sustainable energy source. While supplying our expanding energy needs,...

mHealth: Healthcare Within A Click For Everyone

Mobile health (m-Health) has been heralded as the most innovative and enabling area for global digital healthcare transformation for nearly two decades. However, with...

Is Climate Smart Agriculture the Ultimate Solution to Climate Crisis and Farming Setbacks?

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is a notion that stands out as a ray of light in a world that is struggling with the effects...

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: Exploring the Essence of Improved Patient Care

With the introduction of big data analytics, the healthcare sector experienced a paradigm shift in the age of digitization. When paired with strong analytics...

Urban Farmer: Cultivating a Sustainable World

Food demand is rising at an unprecedented rate as the world's population continues to rise. The world's population is predicted to reach 9.7 billion...

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