Saturday, January 28, 2023

Battery Powered, Portable Cellular and WiFi Unit for Emergency and Rapid Deployment: Brought to you by Bolton Technical.

Bolton Technical, a leading manufacturer of cables, cellular and wifi antennas, and RF enhancement solutions in North America and Africa, has recently launched a new option to improve cellular and WiFi signal in remote locations and on-the-go. Bolton Technical has been manufacturing high-quality RF components since 2011.

The Portable Signal Unit (PSU) is a mobile cellular and WiFi substation allowing for quick setup and easy teardown. The Portable Signal Units are intelligently designed to provide fast WiFi and reliable 5G or LTE connectivity using battery power. The Portable Signal Unit provides enhanced LTE through an attached cell signal booster, then uses that signal to create powerful WiFi through an attached Peplink CAT7 cellular router. They come in fireproof, IP67 & MIL-SPEC certified Pelican cases with a variety of options for the included cell phone signal booster or cellular router.

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Bolton PSUs come in three editions, with no difference in price. The only piece changed between these editions is the included cell phone signal booster. The weBoost edition comes with the award winning weBoost Home Room unit, good for boosting signal across all major carriers at once. The SureCall edition includes a rugged Fusion4Home unit for all carriers and more extreme conditions. The Nextivity edition comes with a powerful GO X booster, which boosts signal for a single carrier at a time but with significantly higher gain. All editions come with a Peplink BR1 Mini CAT7 cellular router.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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