Saturday, December 2, 2023

Oncology Care Partners Launches First Three Locations, Bringing Patient Experience Focus to Cancer Care in Phoenix, Miami

Oncology Care Partners, an oncology provider built solely to provide value-based care, announces the launch of its first two practices across three locations, bringing its transformative care model to cancer patients in Phoenix and Miami in the first steps of a national growth plan.

OCP is advancing value-based care in oncology nationwide by bringing high-touch, whole-person care that enhances the patient experience across its medical oncology practices. Accelerating the adoption of value-based care improves the journey to better health and quality of life while reducing unnecessary services and lowering costs.

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“With cancer costs rising exponentially and care becoming more complex, we see an opportunity to create a better, more focused patient journey in medical oncology care that simultaneously provides value for payors and at-risk primary care groups,” said Erich Mounce, OCP CEO. “It’s important for us to create world-class practices led by physicians who are committed to our mission, well-respected and trusted in their communities, and our new locations in Phoenix and Miami do exactly that.”

American Oncology Network Partnership

OCP’s Arizona launch comes in partnership with the American Oncology Network (AON), an alliance of physicians and health care leaders partnering to ensure the long-term success of community oncology. Representing 107 physicians and 89 nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing across 18 states, AON brings three decades of oncology practice management experience to its partnership with OCP. The partners share the vision of value-based care as the future of oncology, and teaming with the trusted AON brand supports OCP’s mission to bring value-based care to patients nationwide.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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