Saturday, December 2, 2023

Announcing New River Botanicals: Family-Owned, Farm-to-Table CBD Company

New Rivers Botanicals is proud to announce its farm-to-table CBD products, made from cannabis grown at their all-natural, family-owned farm, Howard Farms. All of the CBD products sold by New Rivers Botanicals are grown, processed, packed, and sold directly from Howard Farms. Because of this supply-chain control, the CBD products are high-quality and have a certificate of analysis to back up the quality of the products.

New Rivers Botanicals is committed to providing customers with the best natural products that are grown with care and attention. The team of experts at Howard Farms maintains high standards for their cannabis plants and ensures they receive the proper nutrients and environment needed to grow. This commitment to quality has resulted in superior CBD products.

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Kelly Krahn, second generation Howard Farms, says of New River Botanicals: “This chapter in our lives is all about promoting good health — for ourselves, for you, and for the community. We understand that everything we do is impacted by our health and we greatly value the blessings we’ve been given. Now, as a family and as a company, we’re on a mission to help others feel strong and in control of their health, too.”

The farm-to-table, or farm-to-bottle, approach of New Rivers Botanicals has been embraced by the local community, with customers showing their appreciation for the company’s dedication to creating quality products. The CBD products created at Howard Farms are also popular online and can be purchased by customers across the country.

New Rivers Botanicals is proud to put health first and offer customers premium CBD products that are backed by their promise of quality. With a team of experts dedicated to growing the best cannabis plants possible, New Rivers Botanicals is committed to providing consumers with quality, safe, and effective CBD products.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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