Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Seoul Semiconductor to Present ‘SunLike Experience Space, the Natural Light’ at Boromwat in Jeju Island

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a global optical semiconductor company, showcases a "Natural Light Experience Space" where consumers can directly experience "SunLike, the Natural Light"...

Current Chooses Pacific Northwest to be its Newest Lighting Agent in the State of Washington

Pacific Northwest Lighting & Traffic Solutions (PNW) and GE Current, a Daintree company have formed a partnership for the agency to have complete access...

Using Technology Intended for Space, Vertical Platform Martian Farms Discovers Key to Growing Plants 10X Faster: Age-Old Operatic Music

Could it be this simple? Martian Farms, a vertical-farming platform with a new location in Orange, N.J., is using operatic music to make its...

Meet the Future of Food: How Current Is Helping Kick Produce Production into High Gear

Up to 1 million pounds annually of amazing, non-GMO, pesticide-free food using 97% less land and water to produce it—can you imagine it? Thanks...

Visionaire Lighting, LLC, RapidGrow LED Technologies, Inc., and Pangea Software, Inc. Rebrand to PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc, in Roll-Up Merger

Visionaire Lighting, LLC, RapidGrow LED Technologies, Inc. (RapidGrow), and Pangea Software, Inc., announce a company roll-up to become PANGEA Global Technologies. Based in Los...

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