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The News This Week: Read Magazine’s Weekly News Roundup Featuring, Commaris, INMOTION, Bridger, And

Here is Read Magazine’s Weekly Roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

In Aerospace News this week…

Commaris Announces Partnership with Cytta

Commaris, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc. delivering uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations, announced a new partnership with Cytta Corp, a company that specializes in video compression technology for mission-critical video streaming and integrated communications capabilities.

Helios and Eta Space Technologies to Extract and Store Liquid Oxygen on the Moon

Two space tech companies, Helios and Eta Space, announce they are joining forces to solve the problem of oxygen in space. If humanity is to have a sustainable presence beyond Earth, the reusable methane-fueled rocket systems need liquid oxygen at a ratio of 1:4, so the only cost-effective solution to refueling in orbit is to create and store oxygen on the Moon and on Mars.

In Automotive News this week…

INMOTION Unveiled Lightning-Fast New EUC and the Best Waterproof E-Scooter

INMOTION, a global leader in personal transportation, unveiled a new line of high-powered mobility solutions, including world’s fastest and most powerful electric unicycle Challenger and the best waterproof dual-motor electric scooter Climber, exploring the limits of personal transportation.

Advent Technologies Signs MoU with DANNAR

Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc., an innovation-driven leader in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology sectors, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with DD Dannar, LLC., an industry leader in battery and renewable energy production, storage, and software systems.

In news from the Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance sector this week…

In Energy and Power Sector News this week…

Capstone Green Energy to Provide 1.2 MW of Microturbine Energy Systems

Capstone Green Energy Corporation, a global leader in carbon reduction and on-site resilient green Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions, announced that Cal Microturbine, Capstone’s exclusive distributor for California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, has secured an order for two C600 Signature Series microturbines with Capstone integrated heat recovery modules (HRMs).

Methane-Imaging Lasers to Help Reduce Emissions in the Marcellus Shale

Bridger Photonics, Inc. (Bridger) announced that it will deploy its airborne methane detecting laser technology in one of the largest natural gas fields in the world, the Marcellus Shale, with multi-energy company Repsol. The laser technology, called Gas Mapping LiDAR™, was developed to simplify the detection and visualization of methane (natural gas) emissions across the oil and gas industry.

In IT news this week…

Premise Data Acquires Grupo Meiko to Accelerate Global Growth in Retail Measurement

Premise Data Corporation announced the acquisition of Grupo Meiko, SAS, a Latin American provider of retail measurement for more than 50 consumer goods companies with the most sophisticated portfolios and the most developed go-to-market strategies in the region. The partnership brings together Meiko’s position at the forefront of retail analytics with Premise’s technology infrastructure and global presence. Offers a Wide-Ranging Choice of Language Accessibility Options in the Digital Identity Verification, the secure digital identity network, empowers Americans to verify their identities through its offering of the most diverse language options in the digital identity marketplace. The language support that provides helps make digital identity verification equitable for all Americans.

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