Saturday, September 24, 2022

Perforce Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance and Debuts IP Maturity Model

Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development cycle, is pleased to announce that they have become a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry.

Perforce’s more modern approach to chip design is allowing teams at the world’s top semiconductor companies to achieve previously unachievable efficiencies at scale, and by participating in such a key industry organization, the company aims to collaborate with other industry-leading semiconductor companies on optimal approaches to chip design. At the same time, the company is launching its new IP Maturity Model, which is a blueprint to how semiconductor design teams today can achieve these same efficiencies at full scale.

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The IP Maturity Model provides a step-by-step journey of increasing capability that allows teams to scale without increasing cost or sacrificing productivity. This is achieved by adopting an IP-centric design approach that enables IP reuse, end-to-end traceability, and unified planning.

“Consumer demand is at an all-time high, while margins and market windows are shrinking. This is forcing semiconductor companies and systems houses to innovate quickly. The IP Maturity Model provides a framework for increasing efficiency and quality without adding significant resources,” said Brad Hart, Chief Technology Officer at Perforce. “We look forward to connecting with GSA members to learn more about their technical and business challenges and to provide insights through our IP Maturity Model.”

The Perforce Planning & Collaboration Suite for Semiconductor Design includes Helix Core for data management and Methodics IPLM for IP lifecycle management, as well as other tools for requirements management, hybrid planning, and static analysis. Together, this suite gives digital, analog, and mixed signal semiconductor design teams complete visibility into the state and usage of IP from the moment it enters the system until an SoC is delivered.

“We are very pleased to have Perforce join the GSA,” said Jodi Shelton, co-founder and CEO of GSA. “Perforce brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Alliance and we look forward to their contributions to our industry events, interest groups and resources. As the GSA gains new members, we are ultimately supporting and enhancing the global semiconductor ecosystem.”

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