Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Scantech Launches AM-CELL C Series Automated Optical 3D Measurement System

Scantech  has announced the launch of the new AM-CELL C automated 3D optical measurement system. It consists of a robot, a positioner and a tracking station, and is developed for Efficient, automated inspection of small and medium-sized parts, such as stampings, castings, and machined and injection-molded sheet metal. Designed with innovative modular units, it allows for various layouts, flexible deployment and multi-positioner operations.

Its standard interfaces can be connected to different external devices, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into production lines. Together with the newly updated DefinSight-AM software, AM-CELL C supports efficient operations in diverse production environments, serving as an efficiency booster for smart manufacturing.

Modular unit design, inspection at your fingertips

Designed with an innovative modular unit concept, the AM-CELL C series features flexible designs to meet different batch inspection needs in various industrial environments. The system can be easily assembled and tested in 2 days and supports manual learning of the robot for rapid route planning. This efficient solution frees users from complex configurations and operations.

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Metrology-grade 3D measurement

Compatible with Scantech‘s full range of optical and targetless 3D measurement systems, the AM-CELL C series can measure hundreds of parts automatically and stably 24 hours a day. The system offers ultra-high measurement speed of up to 2,600,000 MPS and metrology-grade accuracy of 0.025 mm.

Flexible implementation for high performance

Users can choose different solutions with multiple positioners based on their measurement requirements, cycle time and product categories, achieving efficient measurement without downtime. This advanced automated measurement solution enables continuous measurements, eliminates waits or interruptions, and offers measurement speed 5 times faster than traditional CMM.

Various elections

The AM-CELL C series is compatible with a wide range of long-range cobots of different brands and types, especially those with an arm extension greater than 1300 mm. In addition, the system offers intelligent turntables with dimensions and payloads ranging from 200 kg to 1,000 kg. Users can choose appropriate options when inspecting parts of various weights and sizes.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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