Monday, September 25, 2023

UofL Health Partners with Aidoc to Upgrade Care Systems and Deliver Impact

Aidoc, the leading provider of AI healthcare solutions, today announced a partnership with UofL Health, a fully integrated regional academic health system with more than 12,000 team members serving more than 1.5 million patients annually. UofL Health is the first academic health system in Kentucky to implement Aidoc’s AI solution. Choosing Aidoc as its AI partner, UofL Health will onboard the company’s AI Care Platform to upgrade its care delivery systems and optimize workflows designed to improve the outcome of patients.

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This project coincides with the University of Louisville’s introduction of the Center for AI in Radiological Sciences (CAIRS), which was introduced in March and designed to foster collaboration between data and clinical teams. UofL Health will incorporate Aidoc’s AI algorithms from the AI Care Platform to improve care for all patients, using AI to prioritize cases that are positive within a radiologist’s worklist to ensure patients’ access to lifesaving treatments is expedited. UofL will be integrating Aidoc’s algorithms to identify and prioritize cases of brain bleeds (intracranial hemorrhage), lung blood clots (pulmonary embolism), incidental pulmonary embolism (iPE), cervical spine fractures, rib fractures and intra-abdominal free gas (IFG).

“At UofL Health, our patients are our top priority and we want to ensure that our physicians are equipped with the most updated tools to reduce turnaround time to reporting positive cases identified by the radiologist and ensure that patients are getting treated as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Sohail Contractor, a radiologist with UofL Health and Professor and Chairman, J.T. Ling, M.D. Endowed Chair of Radiology for the University of Louisville School of Medicine. “In Aidoc, we have found a partner who will empower us to deliver on our vision, with a clear and immediate ROI. During the training session, the solutions flagged a number of true positive cases. We are confident that the integration will continue to support our physicians and show a recognizable impact on our patients.”

Aidoc’s AI Care Platform hosts 15 total FDA-cleared medical imaging AI solutions—9 developed at Aidoc and 6 through third-party vendors—and heart and vascular and neurology AI solutions which orchestrate physician collaboration to expedite care processes. The platform empowers health systems to apply the clinical benefits of artificial intelligence across the entire spectrum and set of facilities in a health system. In clinical research settings, Aidoc’s AI solutions have proven to help reduce patient length of stay in the emergency room; reduce the turnaround time to reporting positive cases for treatment; and empower physicians to collaborate and ensure patients who require surgical interventions are not missed and attended to by care teams. UofL Health joins the likes of nationally recognized health systems like Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai and Mount Sinai in integrating Aidoc’s platform solutions.

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