Monday, September 25, 2023

SoftSmile and CandidPro begin strategic multi-year partnership

Candid has announced several enhancements to their CandidPro orthodontic platform that will give providers more control over their clear aligner cases. One of these upgrades stems from a multi-year strategic partnership Candid has forged with SoftSmile Inc. that will bring their state-of-the-art VISION treatment planning software to every CandidPro provider.

VISION was created to expand access to high-quality oral healthcare tools for doctors while making treatment more accessible for patients. VISION, an FDA-cleared, AI-powered orthodontic treatment planning solution, is regarded as having some of the most intuitive and comprehensive functionality available, providing dental professionals with an unprecedented level of confidence.

“We founded SoftSmile to give doctors more treatment planning power and flexibility,” says Khamzat Asabaev, CEO & Founder at SoftSmile. “Working with Candid means furthering that goal with a partner that also puts doctors first.”

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SoftSmile’s VISION software is user-friendly and includes some of the most advanced treatment planning features available, including automated segmentation and staging optimization that may reduce treatment planning time by up to 95%. These features will complement the planned clinical enhancements CandidPro has recently announced, and will empower CandidPro doctors with the precision, control, and efficiency they need to confidently treat clear aligner patients.

“VISION is a true differentiator for CandidPro and is a great example of our commitment to offering the best possible clear aligner treatment options to dental professionals,” says Candid’s Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Brian Gray. “The renderings are precise, the experience is fluid, and the automations should save our doctors even more clinical time.”

In parallel with the launch of VISION, CandidPro will enhance the clinical capabilities of its products to include most of VISIONS’s current clinical features including bite ramps shift, automated attachments placement, AI-powered staging optimization, multiple attachments types, 3D controls, robust treatment planning, CBCT integration, matching, and more.

Candid and SoftSmile also have ambitious long-term partnership goals, including planned strategic research and development initiatives that will bring Candid’s precise manufacturing technology into play for SoftSmile users seeking the latest aligner technology.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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