Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Canary Speech Accelerates AI Speech Analysis Technology with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Integration

Canary Speech, Inc. announced that it will apply the power of artificial intelligence (AI) voice analysis technology to address a variety of mental health...

Conversational AI: Can Machines Really Understand and Respond Like Humans?

Conversational AI, which underpins chatbots and virtual assistants, is becoming increasingly important in modern customer service and interaction. For companies trying to give their...

Vector Space Biosciences & Oracle Develop Language Models to Advance Human Spaceflight

Vector Space Biosciences announced it is developing large language modeling (LLMs) and visualization applications in collaboration with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) team, to...

Verge Genomics to Incorporate Emerald Digital Health Technology into its ALS Phase 1b Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial

Verge Genomics, a clinical-stage, tech-enabled biotechnology company pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and human data to transform drug discovery and development, announced...

BPGbio Announces New Partnership with DoD Focused on AI-Guided Breast Cancer Diagnostics

BPGbio, Inc., a leading AI-powered biopharma that focuses on oncology, neurology and rare diseases, announced that it will continue clinical validation of a novel...

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