Friday, March 24, 2023

StōK Cold Brew Coffee Launches New Espresso Blend Cold Brew to Satisfy Increasing Consumer Demand

STōK Cold Brew, one of the largest and fastest growing cold brew coffee brands, and the fastest growing brand with Millennials in 2022, has announced a NEW Espresso Blend Cold Brew, hitting shelves now. Word to the wise: The moment you take your first-ever sip of STōK Cold Brew, you’re signing up for an all-consuming, lifelong obsession. The kind of obsession that’s with you every day, 365 days a year. That’s why STōK has decided to debut its new Espresso Blend Cold Brew in January. As far as they’re concerned, it’s the perfect time of year to cozy up to a cold brew that’s as dark and delicious as the crisp winter sky at 4pm.

Recognizing that younger consumers not only love their coffee cold, but also appreciate a good espresso, STōK’s Espresso Blend Cold Brew Coffee brings the two together for the brand’s darkest, boldest roast yet. A new permanent fixture in STōK’s highly popular portfolio of cold brew coffee, it is brewed low and slow, hitting your tastebuds with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, dried fruit, and nuts. It is darkness dialed up to 11. It’s the cold brew for go-getters who won’t let below-freezing temperatures – or anything else for that matter – get in the way of their drink of choice.

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Think cold brew’s just for warm weather? Think again. If you haven’t noticed that every season is now cold brew season, a recent survey* confirms it: 70% of cold brew coffee lovers drink it all year long. According to the survey, 75% of cold brew aficionados would stockpile their preferred brew in a bunker if there was ever risk of a shortage… and they wouldn’t hesitate to brave a blizzard in search of their next icy buzz.

“At STōK, every season is cold brew season. We’re thrilled to kick off the new year with the release of our darkest, boldest roast yet and settle the debate once and for all if it’s ever too cold for cold brew. By the way, it’s not,” said Brittney Polka, Vice President of Ready to Drink Beverages, and lead for STōK Cold Brew at Danone North America.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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