Saturday, January 28, 2023

Backyard Chicken Company Experiencing Soaring Sales Due to Increased Egg Prices

Following the widespread Avian Flu outbreak and increased price of eggs in the US, has seen record-breaking sales numbers in January 2023, trending 2-3 times over last year with no signs of slowing down. A growing concern about food security is the primary driving factor behind first-time customers purchasing backyard chickens. Experienced chicken keepers are also adding to their flocks to increase egg production, and meet demand for their communities.

My Pet Chicken, a leading online retailer of backyard poultry, coops, and supplies, is also known for its extensive library of chicken-keeping guides and resources, including its experienced team of Flock Care Specialists. Owning chickens is a requirement for employment at, uniquely positioning their team to provide real-life support to new chicken keepers as they get started. As more people begin their journey with backyard poultry, My Pet Chicken has increased its team to provide the highest level of customer service support and education in the industry.

“The unfortunate loss of poultry due to the Avian Flu outbreak in the US has caused a ripple effect, increasing demand on limited hatching resources. Popular breeds are expected to sell out in advance through the summer. We’re expecting continued shortages and have been encouraging our customers to order now while inventory of their favorite breeds is still available,” states Mike Higman, owner of

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My Pet Chicken offers one of the lowest minimum quantity requirements, of just 3 baby chicks, allowing customers to start small with their new egg-producing backyard hobby. The company recently launched a new, user-friendly website that allows customers to filter for breeds based on desired characteristics, such as egg color and laying rate. For additional information on getting started with backyard chickens

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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