Saturday, January 28, 2023

Introducing TAE Power Solutions, a power management spin-off company from fusion energy leader TAE Technologies

TAE’s second subsidiary is now commercializing breakthroughs in energy storage, electric mobility, fast charging, and grid efficiency for business-to-business applications

  • TAE Power Solutions is creating advanced technologies that are designed to deliver faster charging, stronger performance, farther range, and longer battery life for e-mobility and stationary applications
  • Renewables industry leader Kedar Munipella named CEO of TAE Power Solutions
  • TAE Power Solutions acquired two UK companies, Sprint Power and Eltrium
  • Partnership with Marelli: Tier 1 automotive component supplier provides crucial insight into TAE Power Solutions’ future product line
  • TAE Power Solutions is co-developing battery systems in a consortium with BMW and others

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Spun out from TAE Technologies, TAE Power Solutions intends to deliver a first-of-its-kind technology to fundamentally improve the reliability, efficiency, longevity, and affordability of electric-powered products, from vehicles to renewable energy storage. The proprietary technology platform is derived from fusion research, and is a foundational step toward mass onboarding of electric vehicles and deployment of intermittent renewable energy as dispatchable power.

The company launches with a world-class team of industry leaders, including Kedar Munipella, who has been appointed Chief Executive OfficerMunipella joins TAE Power Solutions from Applied Materials, a Fortune 200 company where he spent 16 years, most recently as Vice President and General Manager of a business unit dedicated to energy and environmental solutions.

In addition, TAE Power Solutions has made two strategic acquisitions in the UK to fortify its entry into new markets: Sprint Power, one of the largest transport electrification specialists in Europe, focusing on electrical systems integration and high voltage driveline, and Eltrium, a design and manufacturing company specializing in the production of energy storage systems, power distribution, and electronic assemblies. Through these acquisitions, TAE Power Solutions gains an early foothold in existing projects, including APC18 CELERITAS, a program for advanced battery systems with BMW and other project partners.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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