Saturday, December 2, 2023

Worksport Advances COR Battery Power Generator System to Test Phase in Anticipation of the Alpha Release

Worksport Ltd., is proud to announce that its groundbreaking COR battery system has officially transitioned into the Test Phase. This significant progression marks the beginning of intensive testing, anticipating a battery solution that is resilient, durable, and perfectly suited to the diverse challenges of today’s dynamic environments.

The Company’s COR system can be used both within a pickup truck bed and independently without a pickup once it is released. With a commitment to quality, toughness and innovation, Worksport’s Test Phase will see the COR battery system undergo:

  • Performance evaluations in extreme heat and cold climates.
  • Rigorous terrain trials including rough landscapes and standard road conditions.
  • Examinations in humidity, vertical drops, as well as splash water and spray situations.
  • Full-power performance assessments over extended durations.
  • Shock tests to account for unforeseen events.

This diligent testing process will ensure that the Company’s COR system will not only meet but exceed the expectations of the modern user, ensuring the system’s adaptability to both every day and extreme situations.

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The commencement of the Test Phase aligns seamlessly with Worksport’s recent announcement of the COR system’s Alpha Release where the product will be placed in real-world scenarios. The invaluable feedback anticipated from this Alpha Release will serve as a cornerstone for additional improvements, advancing the Company closer to its ultimate goal — an official Mass Market Release of its COR battery system and the SOLIS solar cover.

“As we step into this crucial phase, we’re not just testing a battery, we’re challenging the conventions of what’s possible. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a product that resonates with the promise of uncompromising quality and durability, and unmatched performance. This product could be in the vehicles, homes and businesses of millions around the world. It simply needs to be the best.” commented CEO Steven Rossi.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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