Monday, September 25, 2023

Signify scores LED and connected lighting upgrade for the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers at home venue FLA Live Arena

Signify , the world leader in lighting and the Preferred Lighting Company of the National Hockey League , and the Florida Panthers have recently upgraded FLA Live Arena with energy-efficient LED and connected lighting. This project brings together Signify’s best-in-class Ephesus sports lighting by Cooper Lighting Solutions, Interact management software and Lumec outdoor lighting to help the venue shine for players and spectators and meet its sustainability objectives.

“Curating a world-class fan experience continues to be a driving mission of our franchise,” said Rob Stevenson, Executive Vice President, People and Facilities, Florida Panthers. “Signify’s cutting-edge lighting solutions not only provide us with the enhanced flexibility to bring FLA Live Arena to life in ways that were never before possible, but also notably increase the building’s energy efficiency.”

Transforming into a premium venue
The Panthers’ new sports lighting system consists of Ephesus LumaSport 8 tunable white and Prism RGBA luminaires from Cooper Lighting Solutions that Stevenson and his team can dynamically control with the Interact IoT platform. The LumaSport 8 luminaires are adjustable to meet the NHL’s high correlated color temperature (CCT) and light uniformity requirements, so the ice visually pops for players, fans and TV broadcasts. Operators can also produce colorful light displays with the Prism RGBA fixtures, to celebrate different moments during games or to support other events held at FLA Live Arena.

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“The beauty of this system is that it seamlessly integrates with the arena’s existing building controls, enabling the Panthers to have a single solution to easily manage their sports lighting,” said Martin Stephenson, Head of North America Systems & Services and President & CEO, Canada, Signify. “The team could even extend the lighting and scene management across other areas of the arena, to drive further operational efficiency. With Interact, FLA Live Arena is a future-ready venue.”

Assisting with security, energy-savings benefits
Signify and the Panthers also replaced its existing, high-maintenance High Pressure Sodium fixtures in the parking lot with Lumec RoadFocus Plus LED luminaires. The lighting is designed to improve visual acuity for drivers and helps create a sense of comfort as arena visitors walk to their cars after evening events, in addition to delivering greater energy efficiency.

“Sustainability is a priority for the Panthers and the NHL. Making the switch to Signify’s LED and connected solutions puts us on track to achieve approximately 60% savings in our average annual energy usage and costs for sports lighting1, compared to our legacy metal halide fixtures,” said Stevenson. “We’re seeing positive ripple effects, as well; because the new sports lighting radiates less heat than our previous technology, we’re requiring less HVAC assistance and power to maintain our ice quality.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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