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Advanced Technology Services, Inc. Offers Greater Efficiency to Manufacturers with Technology-Driven Maintenance

Advanced Technology Services, Inc, a leading industrial maintenance and parts services provider, announced its industrial technology solutions, newly branded under the proprietary name Reliability 360, offer manufacturers a unique end-to-end IIoT solution of people, processes, parts, and connected technologies. The Reliability 360 (R360™) name represents the 360-degree industrial maintenance, reliability, and technical expertise ATS provides its vast customer base.

“The continuing skilled labor shortage is amplifying demand for data-driven IIoT technologies and technical expertise,” said Jeff Owens, CEO of Advanced Technology Services. “Reliability 360 Machine Health Monitoring detects even the slightest fluctuations in variables such as vibration, temperature, current, pressure, and humidity to enable timely analysis by our condition monitoring experts and corrective actions to prevent unplanned downtime.”

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The end-to-end solution includes:

  • Reliability consultation and professional sensor installation
  • Cloud-based software and dashboards
  • Real-time alerts analyzed by condition monitoring and subject matter experts
  • Prescriptive actions to the on-site maintenance team
  • Measurable impacts on core KPIs and ROI
  • Optional industrial maintenance and parts services

“R360 is quick to return measurable results and value. For example, our 30-day risk-free trial helped a leading consumer packaged goods manufacturer realize 32 hours of avoided downtime, totaling $86,000 in avoided losses, said Micah Statler, Director of Operations. After the successful trial, they implemented the program enterprise-wide across 23 plants yielding $2 million in avoided downtime costs and a 150% ROI in the first 6 months.”

ATS provides manufacturers with additional value through a skilled workforce available for short- or long-term support to fill skills and labor gaps along with industrial parts services to improve asset reliability.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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