Thursday, June 13, 2024

Rad Source NDT Introduces the NDT 1000 X-Ray Inspection System

Rad Source NDT, a global leader in developing state-of-the-art inspection systems that prioritize quality, safety, and technological advancements, a forerunner in advanced inspection solutions, announced the arrival of its latest innovation: the NDT 1000 X-ray Inspection System.

The NDT 1000 can handle materials with thicknesses of up to 0.5″ (including steel) with precision, speed, and versatility. Equipped with a high-resolution digitizing panel and monitor, ensuring crystal-clear imaging for accurate assessments.

“The NDT 1000 provides real-time imaging in a compact and portable machine that uses a standard 120 Volt outlet and offers several optional features, including automatic defect recognition and pass-through inspection.” Said George Terry, President, Rad Source NDT.

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The NDT 1000 X-ray Inspection System is now available for purchase. For those keen on experiencing its capabilities first-hand, live demonstrations can be scheduled.

Rad Source NDT stands at the forefront of X-ray technology development. Our advanced equipment is utilized in esteemed aerospace centers, key defense institutions, leading automotive factories, and global testing service facilities. We specialize in crafting tailored imaging solutions, catering to diverse component sizes, materials, densities, defects, or automation needs. With a worldwide network of professionals and collaborators, we offer a unique blend of cutting-edge X-ray solutions complemented by a dedicated and skilled global service team. Furthermore, our expertise extends to servicing X-ray equipment from all makers.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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