High-Speed, Direct-Drive Linear Modules for Laser Machining and Automation

PI, a leading manufacturer of air bearings and precision motion systems offers two economical series of high-performance direct-drive linear stage modules, namely the V-855 and V-857 product families. The direct-drive stages were specifically designed to cater to high-load and high-duty-cycle industrial precision motion applications, where conventional actuators utilizing leadscrew or timing-belt drives fall short in terms of accuracy, robustness, and reliability.

By leveraging maintenance-free and friction-free high-speed linear motors, these linear motion systems enable enhanced productivity with reduced cycle times and faster return on investment. Their superior performance makes them ideal for high-performance applications that demand smooth scanning motion, minimal tracking errors, and rapid settling times.

Multi-Axis Configurations

Available with travel ranges from 200mm to 800mm, the linear modules are designed for easy configurability allowing multi-axis assemblies, and compact and mid-sized gantry set-ups, all supported by EtherCat-based motion controllers.

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High Resolution Linear Encoders, High Load, Rapid Acceleration
The direct-drive linear stages provide high load capacities to 220lbs (1000N), and long travel ranges up to 32”. Integrated linear encoders provide resolution down to 1 nanometer. Absolute measuring encoders are also available.

Acceleration is as rapid as 5G’s and top speeds of 196”/sec (5m/sec) can be reached. Because of the play-free and backlash-free direct-drive mechanics, settling times are extremely short, and bidirectional repeatability is excellent.

High Performance Industrial EtherCAT-based Motion Controllers
PI provides EtherCAT-based high-performance industrial motion controllers – up to 8 axes can be operated from one 19” rack and EtherCAT makes it very easy to add more.


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