Sunday, May 28, 2023

Caster Concepts unveils line of spring-loaded aluminum casters ideal for the automotive, ground support and aerospace assembly

While most casters call for the might of steel and iron, at Caster Concepts Inc., we know that a great solution to moving and maneuvering heavy loads often requires the light touch of aluminum.

Spring-loaded aluminum MS Casters offer unmatched performance and durability for challenging applications found in aerospace assembly, ground support activity, and the manufacturing of cars, trucks and SUVs.

Despite being lightweight, MS aluminum casters support weight capacities of up to 25,000 pounds with dual-wheel offerings. These corrosion-resistant, durable casters are ideal for luggage carts, cargo haulers and aircraft maintenance stands.

MS Casters absorb shock and vibration, reducing the risk of employee injury due to jarring and juddering. All MS Casters have a linear suspension system, which achieves optimal shock reduction and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance when the cart is empty or loaded beyond its rated capacity.

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Dual-wheel offerings feature an independent suspension that reacts to an obstruction on one wheel with little to no impact on the other wheel. This is due to each wheel having its own dual-wheel offerings with independent suspension that reacts to an obstruction, creating little to no impact on the other wheel. They’re also tough: resistant to extreme temperatures, water and precipitation.

We can’t imagine a better caster for moving precious cargo on a tarmac or wheeling the next rocket into place. Take a look.

“Because the manufacturing process is highly specialized, Caster Concepts is the sole producer of aluminum casters for heavy industrial use,” said Bill Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts. “We are fortunate to have the high-quality tools, materials, and talent to be able to design and manufacture these casters for our customers who need a level of quality that goes far beyond standard.”

Whether you need a particular mounting style, wheel material or brake configuration, you can find it. Each MS Caster is custom built and uniquely designed for specific applications and load capacities. And as casters go, they’re also rather good-looking, especially when matched with a colorful array of made-to-order polyurethane wheels. They’re also available with rubber and pneumatic wheels.


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