Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Tive Partners with Optimize Courier to Transform Time-Critical, Temperature-Sensitive Logistics

 Tive, the global leader in supply chain and logistics visibility technology, announced its strategic partnership with Optimize Courier, the premier specialty courier for industries such as pharmaceutical logistics, cold chain, clinical trial logistics, and next flight out (NFO). Specializing in time-critical, expedited and temperature-sensitive shipments, Optimize Courier leverages Tive’s Solo 5G Non-Lithium trackers to offer customers real-time location and temperature tracking for all high-value shipments.

“Given the critical nature and high value of our pharmaceutical and cold chain shipments, which often represent years of research and significant investment, secure and on-time delivery is non negotiable,” said Jon Antonucci, Director of Revenue at Optimize Courier. “Armed with Tive trackers, we’re able to offer our clients a new level of visibility to ensure shipments are maintained under perfect conditions—and arrive exactly when expected.”

In mid-2023, an airline reported to Optimize that a package was missing. Optimize was able to tell this airline exactly what building the shipment was in on their premises using data collected by a Tive tracker and available in the Tive cloud platform.

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By leveraging several other Tive features—such as shareable shipment links for real-time client tracking, live monitoring for assured shipment safety, instant alerts for proactive issue resolution, and robust search functionality—Optimize fulfills its concierge courier promise to ensure that every shipment, no matter how critical, is delivered with the highest level of care and precision.

Tive’s partnership with Optimize Courier integrates our groundbreaking technology with their visionary approach to logistics—setting a new bar for safety and timeliness in a critical industry,” said Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder of Tive. “Optimize doesn’t just deliver packages; they deliver promises—and with our tracking solutions, those promises are kept under a watchful, digital eye every step of the way.”

For Optimize Courier, the importance of Tive is centered on the value of their clients staying informed about their critical shipments at every step of the journey. The partnership is fueled by the belief that if there is value in a shipment, there is value in using Tive.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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