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Blue Yonder Empowers Organizations to Deliver on Supply Chain Business Objectives With Advanced Planning and Execution Insights

As it continues to build the supply chain for the future, Blue Yonder strengthened its enterprise supply chain platform and industry-specific offerings by launching new planning and execution capabilities that empower supply chain leaders to meet critical business objectives. These product innovations are aimed at further supporting organizations by serving actionable insights from their supply chain data that drive greater cost efficiency and a faster return on investment.

The Blue Yonder Platform serves as the single source of truth for all supply chain needs, from planning to execution, reducing decision making latency, as well as minimizing the complexity of enabling cross-functional collaboration. With these new product innovations, organizations can better leverage data to forecast demand and supply requirements, improve inventory utilization, and quickly resolve inefficiencies in warehouse and yard operations that could delay deliveries.

“These new innovations directly support our customers as they digitally transform their supply chains to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the latest advancements in robotics,” said Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder. “Our Blue Yonder Platform connects the breadth of our solutions – across planning, execution, labor, e-commerce, and delivery. By supporting simple extensibility for our customers to extend and configure their solutions as needed, the Blue Yonder Platform allows them to increase speed and agility, make data-driven decisions, and pivot around disruptions. The platform offers composability, allowing customers to add on new functionalities as they need them with a faster time to value.”

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The new product enhancements drive key capabilities across Blue Yonder’s core industries – retail, manufacturing and logistics service providers (LSPs). Organizations will benefit from the ability to:

  • Transform Retail Enterprise Planning: Blue Yonder Cognitive Merchandise Financial Planning continues to change the way retailers make decisions by adding new insight visualization, hierarchical planning, attribute-based analysis, and collaboration capabilities that improve cost control and revenue generation from merchandise planning.
  • Optimize Fulfillment Sourcing Decisions: New Blue Yonder Fulfillment Sourcing Simulator allows omni-channel leaders to assess various scenarios, including capacity constraints to understand trade-offs and select optimal alternatives to ensure on-time, in-full delivery and avoid stockouts.
  • Enhance Planning Productivity and Collaboration: Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning optimizes the process for forecasting of both new products and transitioning products, as well as provides collaboration across marketing, sales, and operations teams. This allows organizations to offer an enhanced experience for their customers, streamlined inventory management, reduced supply chain costs, and greater control over demand planning processes.
  • Deliver Greater Efficiency from Yard Operations: New ML-integrated, vision-based yard analysis automates and centralizes yard management for increased throughput and decreased costs.

Across all industries, Blue Yonder enhances the speed and agility of supply chain execution by enabling warehouse, transportation and order management teams to collaborate from a single set of data and workflows. This enables each to immediately receive notification of issues and opportunities along with suggested solutions to improve efficiency and ensure orders are delivered without cost overruns.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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