Friday, July 19, 2024

Sivers Semiconductors Announces 5G Contract with Blu Wireless for High-Speed Broadband Communication for Track-to-Train applications

Sivers Semiconductors, a leading supplier of integrated chips and modules for the most advanced communications and sensor solutions, announced a development contract with Blu Wireless. Under the contract, Sivers will design and develop advanced 5G long range antenna modules that operate within the 57-71 GHz license exempt band, providing high-speed broadband communication links for track-to-train applications. The contract revenue will be recognized completely in 2024.

Railway operators have long sought to improve their Wi-Fi quality but have faced major technical and cost challenges to deliver reliable broadband to their customers. This partnership enables Sivers Semiconductors to deliver longer links supporting multi-gigabit, reliable communication solutions that meet the demands of modern high-speed rail systems, ensuring seamless, high-speed internet access even at speeds exceeding 300 km/h.

“The contract between Blu Wireless and Sivers UK business unit is a testament to our longstanding partnership,” said Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors. “By combining Sivers Semiconductors’ cutting-edge RF technology with Blu Wireless’s advanced baseband processing, we are revolutionizing high-speed connectivity for the transportation sector and redefining the way passengers and operators experience connectivity on the move. The new solution “delivers gigabit data throughput, increased security and cost-effective deployment” and is already being rolled out with Sivers current solution on the busy South Western Railway (SWR), as well as in the USA.”

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Blu Wireless received funding from Innovate UK to lead a project pioneering advancements in telecommunication technologies for rail. In addition, the company recently secured an investment of an undisclosed amount from Maven Capital Partners to help both promote and drive sustainable economic growth and support innovation.

“Our collaboration with Sivers Semiconductors on this project, further cements the need for change on rail communications networks,” said Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer of Blu Wireless. “This partnership will supercharge our combined expertise to deliver state-of-the-art mmWave connectivity solutions for the rail industry. Our innovative technology ensures that passengers can enjoy seamless, high-speed internet access, even on the fastest trains. This is a significant step forward in enhancing the travel experience and supporting the digital transformation of rail networks worldwide.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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