Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Clovity Debuts Its Multiple IoT Solution Infused City Smart Pole to Catapult Cities and Towns Into a Connected Future

Clovity announced that it has expanded its Smart City reach with the launch of their own City Smart Pole product.

“Through our partnership, we have done it again,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina. “We have created a product that utilizes our IoT and Artificial intelligence software plus it incorporates several aspects of smart devices as well as other smart capabilities like cameras, private 5G networks, and digital signage. We have curated this product with our partnerships in the industry to create a turn-key solution.”

Clovity debuted the smart pole for the first time at the recent Cities Summit of the Americas in Denver, CO. This event brings together thousands of city leaders, mayors, and dignitaries to get a firsthand look at the Smart City Pole. There they were able to preview the Artificial Intelligence capabilities and many use cases that enable modern safety features, help to close the digital divide, and increases community engagement.

Clovity‘s City Smart Pole product is designed with a strong focus on ensuring the safety of cities and other public spaces, all delivered in a fully managed project with a single point of accountability. By focusing on safety and delivering a turn-key solution, Clovity is helping cities future-proof their infrastructure and build smarter, more sustainable communities. With these capabilities, Clovity has already received orders from cities in Michigan, and other cities interested in piloting the solution for their communities as well.

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Some benefits of the Smart Pole:

  • Pedestrian tracking
  • Bike lane monitoring
  • Digital signage – dynamic streaming content
  • 5G/CBRS/LTE private networks
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Theft Prevention
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Smart lighting
  • EV charging

“We believe the public sector leaders we met with are ready to future-proof their cities by centralizing smart IOT technologies into their infrastructure and doing it with an eye towards building out more smart features in the future. Our System Integrator services will put together the solution and deliver that solution as a fully managed project while creating a single line of accountability to ensure the city’s benefits are realized,” said CEO Anuj Sachdeva.

With strong strategic partnerships, Clovity brings all facets of the contributing technologies and integrates them into the smart poles. They are confident that they can fit many historical or architectural design preferences and provide any feature of camera as well as AI technology desired, all while staying competitively priced.


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