Monday, September 25, 2023

QuesGen Systems Launches “QuesGen Cloud” to Accelerate Clinical Research Data Management

QuesGen Systems, a leader in web-based clinical research data management, announced today its launch of QuesGen Cloud, a cloud-based version of its platform to offer principal investigators and global research teams an even faster, more scalable experience.

The next generation of data management technology, QuesGen Cloud evolves the dedicated co-location facility model into a more secure and closely monitored AWS cloud system.

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“Our development and technical operations team has been working hard to make sure AWS will be scalable, reliable, and more flexible than our co-location facility,” said Michael Jarrett, CEO of QuesGen Systems. “The QuesGen Cloud platform will give us the opportunity to do so much more for academic and commercial researchers in a variety of disciplines.”

One of the biggest barriers in implementing data management software is a lack of choices when it comes to storing patient and client data. Researchers are often bound by on-site servers, which have been a good solution for decades but can limit the speed and flexibility needed for today’s data analysis. QuesGen Cloud solves this challenge by enabling dedicated remote instances that can be set up anywhere, anytime. The speed, flexibility, security, and scalability of QuesGen Cloud will allow impactful clinical research studies to streamline their data processes and ultimately to be more effective in their patient data operations.

“We’ve had a great experience with the dedicated server approach, but QuesGen Cloud further accelerates the data management process through its speed and flexibility,” added Jarrett. “The capabilities for spinning up additional capacity in minutes, plus the opportunity to integrate with other cloud-based solutions, will enhance our offering considerably.”

The initial rollout of the QuesGen Cloud launched in Q4 of 2022. Specialized versions – such as QuesGen Government Cloud – are already planned for 2023.

QuesGen’s Systems is a leader in web-based data management and data systems for industries such as clinical research, healthcare, and social services. Their data management platform helps develop projects ranging from easy-to-use case management systems to complex brain-health studies with many sites and tens of thousands of participants. QuesGen’s System’s full suite of products and services ranges from data management to data visualization, registry data submission.


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