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Connectivity Business News Announces Winners of its Inaugural Innovation Awards Presented at the recent 2023 Connectivity Next Summit

 Connectivity Business News, a leading news source for the connectivity sector, has announced the winners of its inaugural Connectivity Next Innovation Awards of 2023 at the virtual 2023 Connectivity Next Summit. The awards ceremony celebrated exceptional contributions to the industry and recognized outstanding achievements in connectivity.

The Connectivity Next Innovation Awards aim to encourage excellence and inspire further innovation in the connectivity sector. The three awards that were presented celebrate the remarkable efforts that enhance global connectivity and aim to inspire further innovation.

Astroscale was awarded the New Space Innovation Award for its exceptional work in debris mitigation robotics. Astroscale’s ADRAS-J, set for launch by Rocket Lab USA, is a pioneering derelict inspection craft designed to approach and characterize large debris, showcasing the company’s commitment to a sustainable orbital environment.

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Hughes and Echostar were awarded the Satellite Innovation Award for the successful launch of their Jupiter 3 geostationary satellite, also known as EchoStar 24. This satellite is the largest commercial satellite ever built and launched, doubling the Jupiter fleet’s connectivity capacity and serving many industries and business verticals.

Space Capital received the Pioneering Business Innovation Award for its exemplary business acumen and financial expertise in the space economy. As a venture capital firm, Space Capital has played a pivotal role in investing in transformative space technology stacks and fostering industry expansion.

Connectivity Business News congratulates Astroscale, Hughes-Echostar, and Space Capital on their well-deserved awards, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the connectivity industry. Connectivity Business News looks forward to the continued success and innovation of the connectivity industry as showcased by the remarkable achievements of the award recipients.


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