Sunday, April 21, 2024 Acquires MartechGuru Tech Stack Management, the community-led platform and private network for marketing operations professionals, announces it has acquired MartechGuru. As was created to elevate and enable marketing operations professionals to become successful in their careers, MartechGuru’s tech stack management solution seamlessly fits this mission. With this acquisition,’s community members can more easily manage their technology tools, from documentation to field maps to renewal dates and beyond. MartechGuru’s technology brings together all of this into a single ecosystem in which marketing professionals are already immersed.

“I’ve had a relationship with the founder of MartechGuru for a while now, and we’ve always been very aligned on how we view community and technology in the marketing operations space,” says Mike Rizzo, founder and chief executive officer of

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“This acquisition reflects our view that technology should be used to support people and their processes, which is exactly what MartechGuru’s tech stack management solution does. We’re thrilled to have this technology embedded in our ecosystem as an enablement capability, and for our members to experience the benefits.”

Although has its own product, the company was created to be a community-led company rather than a technology company. The team focuses on career development and success first, and doesn’t require that its members use its product at all. Instead, is designed to help professionals elevate their careers and find success, while navigating the incredibly complex marketing technology landscape.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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