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Lacework Expands Enterprise Capabilities with Lacework Explorer, New Dashboards, Expanded Composite Threat Detection, and More

New risk assessment and threat detection enhancements provide invaluable time savings to CISOs and security teams alike in the fight to secure cloud environments

Lacework, the data-driven security company, announced the release of a series of new platform capabilities that save invaluable time for security stakeholders ranging from CISOs to frontline security analysts. The platform additions, which include Lacework Explorer (a new security graph and resource explorer), new dashboards, and further investments in industry-leading Lacework composite alerts, give more time back to security teams as they take on attackers.

“The new dashboard highlights the information we care about most, offering customizable and discrete views for specific metrics,” said Patrick Linnane, Senior Director, Information Security Operations, Emburse. “This enhancement enables us to make better decisions, faster.”

The number one adversary enterprises face in securing their cloud environments is time. It takes too long to detect and contain a breach, it takes too long to remediate critical vulnerabilities, and bad actors can exfiltrate valuable data too quickly for security teams to achieve desired outcomes. Each of these new platform capabilities provide customers with significant time savings.

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New dashboards put the information each security persona needs to do their job directly at their fingertips. Lacework Explorer combines a next-generation security graph and resource explorer to quickly find the assets a security professional wants to assess, and dynamically shows the complex relationships between them. New context panels combine and neatly display all the necessary information to support lightning-quick threat investigations. Composite alerts for Kubernetes bring together multiple low-level indicators to provide a powerful signal with context of when something malicious is happening in container environments.

“The life of most security professionals is a constant struggle between proactively reducing risk, triaging potential security incidents and maintaining repeatable processes that are effective and time efficient,” said Niels Provos, Head of Security Efficacy, Lacework. “Lacework has invested significantly into building a platform for end-to-end security workflows that reduce toil and enable security professionals at all levels of an organization to focus their work on improving security outcomes. Whether it’s enabling a CISO to efficiently delegate and hold other business units accountable or allowing incident responders to quickly identify the root cause for an incident, Lacework has built the end-to-end platform to make everyone more efficient.”

Together with the code-to-cloud coverage of the Lacework platform, these new capabilities help give customers the high-fidelity security context they need to take decisive action, quickly, in the face of cyberattacks.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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