Sunday, April 21, 2024

Zuper Announces Integration with Clyr to Provide Automated Expense Management Capabilities to Organizations with Field Service Teams

Zuper, a leading solutions provider to scale and modernize fast-growing businesses with field operations, announced its integration with Clyr to offer businesses with field service teams greater expense management controls and capabilities. The partnership demonstrates Zuper’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its platform suite for full-scale digital control and management of operations, processes and customer needs.

Clyr is the leading expense management platform built for project and field employee-based companies, offering comprehensive solutions including AP automation and managing the entire vendor bill lifecycle, including bill pay. Clyr automatically matches photos of receipts with the right transaction, tracks expenses with real-time sync, manages budgets, and job costs accurately and efficiently. This complete financial management suite ensures streamlined operations from receipt capture to final bill payment. In turn, Zuper customers can provide their employees with a better experience by automating payment and expense tracking, which saves valuable time for both field teams and back office employees.

“Manually managing and tracking expenses is time consuming and inefficient for employees in the field and back office bookkeeping. The ability to automate this process with real-time receipt capture and job coding is a massive time saver for organizations with field service workers that are constantly on the go and needing to purchase things at different job sites. Our integration with Clyr reinforces our commitment to partner with companies that help our customers increase efficiency and cost savings while focusing on the growth and success of their business,” said Anand Subbaraj, Zuper CEO.

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By integrating Zuper’s field service functionalities with Clyr’s automated expense management systems, organizations can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and tighten financial controls. Field service teams equipped with real-time expense tracking can promptly submit expenses by doing no more than taking a picture, enabling swift reimbursement and reducing administrative burden. Clyr offers integration with accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho, and Sage Intacct. These functionalities mitigate the risk of manual entry errors, significantly reduce the burden for both field technicians and back-office teams and enhance management of job costs and budgets with more accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

“The current expense reporting process is broken because it relies heavily on outdated methods and manual intervention. Paper receipts, spreadsheets, and manual data entry consume valuable time and resources but also introduce significant risks of errors, delays, and non-compliance,” said Eran Artzi, CEO of Clyr. “Our partnership with Zuper arms us with the capabilities to create tailored experiences for field service professionals while ensuring they feel confident that every dollar is accounted for, leading to informed financial decisions.”

Clyr sits alongside 60+ key digital integrations offered within Zuper’s ecosystem such as HubSpot, Freshdesk, and QuickBooks. Zuper’s versatile and pairable platform allows businesses to have flexibility in their choice of individual tools, empowering them to select integrations based on their business goals.


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