Saturday, June 15, 2024

Suki Adds Ambient Documentation Capabilities to its EHR Integrated, AI Voice Assistant for Clinicians

Suki, the leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, announced Suki Assistant Gen 2, which adds the revolutionary capability to automatically generate notes from listening to a clinician-patient conversation. Called ambient note generation, this new feature will be added to the company’s flagship AI voice assistant. Suki Assistant Gen 2 is differentiated in the market by a comprehensive set of capabilities, including ambient note generation, dictation and command functionality, all within a single, affordable, scalable solution that fully integrates with commonly used EHR systems including Epic, Cerner, Athena, and Elation.

Suki Assistant Gen 2 makes use of generative AI to listen to physician-patient interactions in real-time and auto generate clinical notes—without requiring human intervention in the background. Clinicians can easily accept, reject, or edit content suggestions to ensure accuracy of final notes.

Users can pick and choose how they interact with Suki Assistant. For example, if the preference is to use ambient in some encounters while dictating into the solution in others, switching between the two options is easy. Users can also ask Suki information about their patients, such as what medications they are taking or what allergies they have, and get recommendations for diagnosis codes.

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“Suki Assistant accommodates ambient, dictation, and command modes in a single solution, which is a unique differentiator. Clinicians want the freedom and flexibility to adjust their workflows, not be locked into rigid processes. Suki’s approach allows organizations to provide this flexibility in a single application that in the past would have required 2-3 separate tools. It’s a very exciting evolution, and one that I believe will be very compelling to health systems, practices, and clinicians across the board,” said Jack Bretcher, Chief Operating Officer of PartnerMD, a leader in concierge medicine with a network of practices across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

Suki Assistant Gen 2 builds on the existing assistant’s proven ability to reduce documentation time per note by as much as 72% in family medicine settings to address unprecedented burnout among physicians.

“We are in a golden age for AI. With Suki Assistant Gen 2, we are bringing the most sophisticated AI voice assistant to the market. The introduction of this solution could not be more timely as burnout—much of which is directly related to administrative burden—is pushing physicians to leave medicine at a time when we need them most,” said Punit Soni, CEO of Suki.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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