Saturday, July 20, 2024

Gelson’s Markets Strengthens Partnership with Invafresh to Deliver Comprehensive End-to-End Fresh Food Retail Operations

Invafresh, the industry leading fresh grocery platform, announced that Gelson’s Markets has expanded their partnership with them to include in-store production and centralized kitchen operations.

By using the AI-enhanced capabilities of the Invafresh Fresh Retail Platform, Gelson’s has been able to improve operational efficiency across their 27 full-service specialty grocery stores by reducing shrink, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and having a centralized repository of over 4,700 recipes, allowing for easy management from both a data and cost perspective.

Based on this success, Gelson’s has strengthened their partnership with Invafresh with the addition of Production Planning and Commissary solutions, providing them with comprehensive visibility across their entire fresh food retail operations for both in-store and central kitchen operations.

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“With Invafresh, we have an AI-enhanced solution that provides seamless integration across our entire fresh food operations helping us to increase margins and revenues, and reduce food waste,” said Ron Johnson, Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer at Gelson’s Markets.

“Invafresh is proud to partner with Gelson’s to provide them with a fresh-centric solution across their stores and central kitchens,” said Tim Spencer, President and CEO of Invafresh. “It’s an example of how Invafresh provides a single solution to optimize fresh food retail processes, from reducing food waste to increasing revenue to ensuring regulatory compliance.”

“For Gelson’s, the benefits of using the Invafresh Production Planning and Commissary solutions will be increased quality, better assortment compliance, reduced shrink and an efficient management of labor resources,” continues Johnson. “For our in-store associates, Invafresh provides an easy-to-manage workflow between stores and our central kitchens, while providing them with a feature-rich, mobile solution to better serve our customers.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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