Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tachyus announces a new contract for Aurion, its Carbon Accounting, Monitoring, and Forecasting Platform, with Terra Energy Partners.

Tachyus announced an agreement with Terra Energy Partners (Terra) to deploy Aurion, its cloud-scalable, comprehensive GHG emissions management platform. Using Aurion Terra will have access to a fully integrated solution for GHG emissions management comprising a software platform and associated professional services and support to Measure, Monitor, Forecast, and Report GHG emissions.

The growing need for the oil and gas industry to minimize GHG emissions requires operating companies like Terra to monitor, reliably account for, and forecast emissions. Like Terra, companies using Aurion for these purposes, also benefit from the automatic integration of many sources of data and transparency in its calculations, making the accounting and reports thoroughly and easily auditable.

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“We’re very excited to partner with Terra and work together to manage their carbon emissions proactively; Aurion will allow them to estimate the impact on emissions of future operational decisions supporting their emissions reduction targets,” said Matt Elbert, CFO & CRO at Tachyus.

“We are excited to leverage Aurion capabilities to our emissions management and forecasting initiatives.  Aurion will allow us to better and more timely estimate the impact of our emission reduction projects to ensure we meet our commitment to a clean and safe environment in the communities we work” said Keith Brown, CSO at Terra.

Houston-based Corporation is a leader in O&G modeling and optimization software. By combining reservoir physics with machine learning, Tachyus provides predictive modeling and optimization products to improve EOR methodologies such as waterfloods, steamfloods, CO2 injection, and unconventional well and completion optimization. Launched in 2022, Aurion is an end-to-end GHG estimation, reporting, and forecasting platform that ties operational decisions with emission management goals.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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