Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Orbee Integrates Client Command to Help Dealerships Enrich Their First-Party Data with Signals from Everywhere Shoppers Engage

Orbee Inc., a leader in customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, announces an integration with Client Command’s Active Shopper Network, the automotive industry leader in providing data driven audiences for dealerships. The integration will make Client Command’s Active Shopper Network

The integration is designed to make working with more signal data easier than ever before. By leveraging Orbee’s middleware, Client Command’s data is securely matched to consumers and the response is stored within the same customer profile that derives audience segments and triggers. This method leverages Orbee’s clean room capabilities so that no sensitive information is transferred and helps dealers abide by GLBA and other compliance measures. The audience insights then help inform activation of advertising media and marketing messages across all channels in a unified way while still abiding by the consumer’s privacy and communication preferences with the dealership.

Client Command® views this integration as a strategic step forward in empowering dealerships with their behavioral insights. “Integrating with Orbee’s platform aligns perfectly with our mission to empower our clients to reach their potential using the most precise, data-driven consumer insights available in automotive,” said [Client Command spokesperson] Client Command’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Lucenay. “This integration enables us to offer our dealership clients a more comprehensive understanding of their audience on and off their properties, leading to more effective and personalized marketing efforts.”

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The integration between Orbee and Client Command® demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing the capabilities of automotive dealerships through enhanced data utilization. “While enrichment data has been embedded deep in offerings across the industry, the move towards first-party data management by dealerships requires them to have this type of data accessible directly,” stated Orbee’s Co-Founder and CEO Atul Patel. “Additionally, with this integration with Client Command®, we can push the envelope on what kind of data is available to dealerships to integrate and how that data is seamlessly activated.”

data available within Orbee’s customer data and marketing automation platforms, significantly enhancing audience targeting and personalization efforts.

Client Command’s Active Shopper Network® receives privacy compliant signals from 90% of internet connected devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets, PCs) in the United States in real-time. This level of visibility helps identify shoppers the instant they enter the market and classifies them based on their automotive needs and preferences based on their internet behavior. When merged with the customer journey data that is already collected by the Orbee native DMP and stored in the CDP, dealerships can better address the customer’s needs at the right time and with the right offer increasing retention and conversion.


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