Saturday, June 15, 2024

Orbee Integrates ActivEngage Messaging Data to Enrich Shopper Profiles

Orbee, a leader in customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, has integrated with ActivEngage, the largest exclusively automotive chat and text communications platform in the world. This integration allows for the data from a shopper’s interaction through the ActivEngage platform to be unified with the rest of their historical journey data stored in Orbee’s system.

Online chat and SMS communication have been the most prevalent touchpoints for dealership customers for at least the last decade. Engagement through these channels can provide deep insights into sentiments and intentions in both sales and service interactions. The unified view of a shopper’s journey, enabled by this integration, empowers dealerships with a more enhanced understanding, allowing for personalized engagement in other channels and marketing strategies poised to transform customer experiences.

This integration enables ActivEngage and Orbee’s mutual customers to gain unprecedented access to higher-value data points extracted from the intelligent and thoughtful conversations between their customers and ActivEngage engagement experts, who are extensively trained in dealership operations. Because ActivEngage interacts across various marketplace platforms, it provides insights not attainable from any other vendor. The primary advantage lies in the wealth of journey data, enabling dealerships to generate customer journey reports and conduct in-depth analyses using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to identify buying propensities, conduct lead scoring, and harness other advanced reporting capabilities.

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“Integrating ActivEngage with our Customer Data Platform is a game-changer for the automotive retail industry. It allows the data from human-based interactions to be correlated with digital touchpoints to identify important patterns in shopper journeys,” stated Atul Patel, Co-Founder & CEO of Orbee, “Dealerships can access a complete picture of their shoppers’ journeys, from website visits to chat engagements, enabling personalized interactions that significantly enhance the buying experience.”

“When Orbee came to us looking to integrate, we knew this would be a huge win for our respective dealers. ActivEngage has always addressed our customers’ conversations with thought and detail that is clearly unmatched in the industry, proven by our closing ratio,” stated Ted Rubin, CEO of ActivEngage. “By integrating Orbee, dealers can take advantage of what may have previously been untapped value. Leveraging the data points from all the marketplaces where we interact on behalf of the dealer, Orbee uses that information to enhance dealership marketing to its customers. It is like knowing what a customer actually thinks and using that information to market to them directly.”


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