Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Orbee and AET Automotive Integrate to Automate Dynamic Creatives

Orbee, a leader in customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, announces an integration with AET Automotive, a leader in automotive creative digital solutions, that introduces creative asset automation that tailors content to specific target audiences while ensuring OEM compliance.

This integration enables dealership advertising to couple AET’s creative studio with server-side image rendering and automated ad copy, enhancing the relevance, precision, and efficiency of digital advertising campaigns that require static images such as social media and display advertising. Once a dealership utilizes AET’s innovative Creative Studio 3 (CS3) tools, the templates can be synced to Orbee and triggered for on-demand creative generation all on the server, allowing the process to run fully automated and data-driven.

Orbee’s middleware enables dealerships to combine customer segments, vehicle inventory, content rules, and campaign settings together to derive thousands of variations of ad creative through AET’s rendering engine. The creative guidelines from the OEM, dealership group, and dealership can all be achieved through standardized templates that are then used as the foundation for thousands of variations of creatives expanding the reach of advertising to more media channels and ad spaces. Additionally, Orbee’s analytics, which tracks campaign metrics down to the creative itself, can further optimize creative generation.

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The automated ad copy feature, which harnesses Orbee’s expertise in data-driven content creation, streamlines the process of generating ad copy. This ensures that creative copy is personalized and deeply resonant with the target audience. For dealerships, this translates into more effective and engaging advertising campaigns, with the added benefit of significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally required for crafting impactful ad messages.

“Creative automation and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is a necessity for managing micro-segmentation and personalization at scale because each set of audiences requires different messaging and call-to-actions tailored to where they are in their journey,” stated Atul Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Orbee. “This integration with AET Automotive not only allows dealerships to deploy advertising creative to a large set of segments on advertising channels, but also highly personalized graphics for 1-to-1 messaging on marketing channels such as email, text, and chat.”

“Back in 2019 when we first sketched out the idea for AET, we dreamed of the day when we could take the hassle out of monthly creative for dealerships with creative automation. Our team’s journey has been marked by continuous advancement and refinement of our Creative Studio tools to bring this idea to fruition,” stated Jeff Gonzales, Founder of AET Automotive. “The integration with Orbee was a natural step towards data-driven creative capabilities to reach a new level of uniquely personalized advertising for each customer encounter.”


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