Tuesday, July 5, 2022

FMC Corporation Unveils New Plant Health Business Brand Identity, ‘Biologicals by FMC

FMC Corporation, a leading global agricultural sciences company, has launched a new brand identity for its Plant Health business to reflect the company’s continuing growth and expansion of its biologicals platform. Agricultural biologicals represent a diverse group of crop protection and stimulant products derived from living organisms and naturally occurring compounds. Biologicals by FMC demonstrates FMC’s commitment to providing farmers with science-backed biological solutions to help sustainably manage crops, protect yields and combat resistance.

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Since 2013, FMC has built a world-class biologicals business with more than 50 biological products offering protection for multiple high-value specialty crops and row crops across 50 countries. FMC’s Accudo® biostimulant, Presence® bionematicide and Quartzo® bionematicide have been recognized by the Crop Science Forum Awards as best new biological products. The company has a robust pipeline of differentiated and patented technologies developed through its biological R&D organization as well as third-party collaborations.

“FMC is investing substantially in the biological segment and is committed to providing growers with products offering unique modes of action as either stand-alone solutions or complementary to FMC’s portfolio of crop protection chemistries,” said Dr. Bénédicte Flambard, global director of FMC Plant Health. “We are rapidly expanding our existing offerings into additional geographies by launching four new biopesticides around the world in the next four years. As part of this initiative, we are excited to share that we are introducing Zironar™ biofungicide/bionematicide in the U.S. and Provilar™ biofungicide in Brazil this year.”

Zironar™ biofungicide/bionematicide, a root-colonizing biological used at planting, produces a physical barrier along the length of the root to offer season-long protection against soil-borne fungal diseases and destructive nematodes. Studies show Zironar™ biofungicide/bionematicide increases root biomass and root branching for better utilization of water from the soil in drought-like conditions.

Provilar™ biofungicide, a foliar Bacillus combination, recently received registration from Brazilian authorities to address key diseases in soybeans, cotton and beans. Studies have shown crops treated with Provilar™ biofungicide demonstrate higher yield as a result of improved disease management. Provilar™ biofungicide will be available in Brazil this year, while FMC is pursuing registration of this Bacillus strain combination in over 20 additional countries.

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