Monday, August 8, 2022

Natural Grocers Makes Appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ to Showcase FarmBox Foods’

Good Morning America recently came to Colorado to showcase how businesses and nonprofits are using technology to sustainably grow food near the consumer, year-round. The segment focused on FarmBox Foods and two of their customers: Natural Grocers® and Centura Health.

On June 20th at its headquarters in Sedalia, Colorado, ABC News Chief Meteorologist, Ginger Zee spoke to FarmBox Foods CEO, Rusty Walker about the company’s mission to build high-tech indoor farms that provide food security for those without reliable access to nutrient-dense food.

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Zee also interviewed representatives from two FarmBox Foods customers, Natural Grocers and Centura Health about their use of Vertical Hydroponic Farms. These systems provide a hyperlocal source of fresh produce while reducing environmental impacts and unpredictability associated with traditional farming. The farms are housed inside upcycled, insulated shipping containers that are outfitted with plumbing, electrical and sensors to control conditions inside.

By growing food on site, the companies that use FarmBoxes seek to reduce food sourcing costs, improve access, and eliminate food waste because the veggies get to the plate much quicker.

The controlled-climate container farms provide an ideal growing environment for the plants and shield them from weather and climate impacts, including drought, heat waves and flooding.

Natural Grocers is growing organic lettuce behind its Green Mountain store in Lakewood, Colo., mere steps from the display case, and plans to expand the program elsewhere.

“Natural Grocers’ GardenBox™ offering has been a great addition to our Green Mountain store, providing our customers with the freshest, organic greens possible. The folks at FarmBox have been a great team for Natural Grocers to partner with as they share the same goal of empowering local communities with access to wholesome, affordable foods. We look forward to growing this program to additional stores in the future,” says Michael Boardman, GardenBox Manager for Natural Grocers.

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