Thursday, February 29, 2024

fluidfreeride Celebrates One Million Trees Planted

fluidfreeride, a leading retailer in the electric scooter industry, shows their continued commitment and support for a cleaner, healthier environment by planting one million trees across the globe in partnership with the non-profit organization, Trees for the Future (TREES). In celebration of this milestone, consumers can use the code 1MILLIONTREES on to receive 10% off their entire line of premium e-scooters for one week until February 15. A percentage of all proceeds will continue to be donated to Trees for the Future in support of the company’s social corporate responsibility commitment.

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“We deeply care about supporting the planet and smallholder farmers, this is why we have partnered with Trees for the Future,” says Julian Fernau, CEO and Founder of fluidfreeride. “We are incredibly proud to reach the milestone of one million trees planted. This complements our effort in providing clean transportation by more than offsetting the carbon emissions of our operation and supply chain.”

TREES trains farmers in agroforestry, teaching them to grow sustainable farming systems called Forest Gardens. The average one-acre Forest Garden is home to more than 4,000 trees and sequesters about 63 metric tons of carbon over 20 years. Forest Gardens restore the soil and natural biodiversity of the land while providing food and income opportunities to the farming family. Fernau adds, “Not only does this capture CO2 and improve biodiversity, it puts an end to poverty and hunger through a sustainable system that is better for our planet.”

“Companies like fluidfreeride are crucial in environmental restoration and protection,” adds Trees for the Future Executive Director John Leary. “With support from fluidfreeride, as well as individual donors and institutional funders, we are able to reach more farmers and plant more trees this year than ever before.” In fact, Trees for the Future has planted more than 215 million trees around the globe over the past 30 years. Trees are planted at different times throughout the year based on regional seasons and planting schedules.

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