Thursday, June 13, 2024

AgriWebb & Conservis Launch Partnership to Promote Stronger Agriculture Ecosystem

Conservis, a global leader in solutions-driven farm management software (FMS), and AgriWebb, an international provider of market-leading digital Livestock Business Management software, announce a new co-marketing partnership.

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Providing farmers who raise both crops and livestock access to robust technologies, this collaboration emphasizes the strengths of their respective solution sets. This uniquely positions Conservis and AgriWebb to develop an ecosystem where farmers have direct access to their platforms and, over time, to other qualified partners. While there are no integrated technologies involved, both companies believe there is real value to their customers by bringing the best of both technologies to farmers.

“We are partnering to solve problems for our clients who need both crop and livestock solutions, and through that partnership, we are going to continue to advance better ways to work together for our clients,” says Pat Christie, President at Conservis.

AgriWebb and Conservis believe that this attention to the needs of the farmer will drive the success of the collaboration. Both companies recognize the challenges farmers face when planning, tracking, and providing traceability on farm, whether for crops or livestock. Farmers increasingly rely on cloud-based platforms to harness data. This allows diversified producers to add their livestock expenses to the Conservis farm management system to gain a full financial picture of their operation. AgriWebb and Conservis give them actionable records and reports to make on-the-spot decisions.

“At AgriWebb, we believe that like-minded innovative companies coming together to build a connected ecosystem is vital for digital technologies to deliver on their promise to farmers and ranchers. We are excited to partner with Conservis, which shares our values and commitment to serving farmers and ranchers through actionable, data-driven insights,” says Kevin Baum, Co-Founder and CEO at AgriWebb.

Conservis is committed to empowering growers with advanced tools for managing the business of farming. This includes building further partnerships with other industry leaders who empower farmers to maximize their profitability, whether they are in the carbon, grain market, crop insurance, or even ag-focused CPA field. Conservis’ commitment to this new and exciting ecosystem is supported by its ownership structure.

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