Saturday, September 24, 2022

UBiqube Providing Management and Orchestration Layer for Two TM Forum Catalyst Projects

Teams comprising some of the biggest and most innovative brands in cloud computing and networking have joined forces to deliver two Catalyst projects offering roadmaps for innovative 5G network applications at this week’s Digital Transformation World event in Copenhagen, Denmark. UBiqube plays a featured role in both projects, delivering management and orchestration technology via its Cloud Management Solutions (MSActivator and Cloudclapp).

The first project, Autonomous Network Hyperloops (ANHL), is a mobile edge computing project, the goal of which is to showcase how automation of resource deployment and zero-touch management can improve network performance and efficiency. Specifically, this Catalyst examines how autonomous networks revolutionize smart tourism and smart stadium experiences by connecting myriad devices like camera-mounted drones and location services, giving spectators a more informed and higher-quality experience, both in-person and virtually. A tourist, visiting a place (either in real or virtual), needs a seamless experience based on their preferences. Networks must be capable of managing unpredictable surges in demand on infrastructure.

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ANHL is a Phase III Catalyst, and 12 companies are participating in the project.

The second project, Digital Business Marketplace (DBM), draws on existing TM Forum standards to evolve a new Digital Service Enabling approach. Specifically, this Catalyst seeks to show how users and service providers use existing standards to create and manage self-deploying services via a marketplace. This facilitates the adoption of an “anything as a service” model for cyber-secure, repeatable, multi-partner sourced solutions that improve customer outcomes and business efficiency while reducing the need for human interventions that slow responsiveness and increase costs. These smart, bundled solutions can then be more easily managed from a lifecycle perspective, boosting security and allowing solutions to be tailored to varying needs.

“Both of these projects showcase what makes UBiqube Cloud Management Solutions (MSactivator and Cloudclapp) unique: the ability to deploy and manage applications across diverse infrastructure domains with minimal human intervention,” said Hervé Guesdon, CTO of UBiqube. “Our role in these Catalyst projects shows how the telecom networking heritage of MSActivator combined with the easiness of Cloudclapp for continuous deployment makes it ideal for modern application types like intense edge compute scenarios and hyper-automation of touchless services deployment. We’re looking forward to hearing feedback from the user community at Digital Transformation World about what we’ve built with our collaborators.”

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