Saturday, January 28, 2023

Horticulture Lighting Group (Hlg) Has Partnered With GrowFlux

HLG is a leading manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting. The company pioneered high efficiency crop lighting with its Quantum Board technology and has grown to one of the leading suppliers of horticulture lighting. GrowFlux Mesh is a wireless control technology developed for the horticultural lighting industry. It uniquely combines the convenience of cloud connected devices with the reliability of conventional wired control systems.

“With our partnership with HLG, commercial growers will have the latest precision control technology integrated directly into the lights. This allows businesses to scale faster, save energy, and cut capital costs.”, says GrowFlux CEO Eric Eisele. Connected lighting from HLG takes only minutes to set up out of the box with the GrowFlux App and scales to farms of any size with GrowFlux Mesh.

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The tremendous amount of energy that goes into lighting crops in indoor farms and greenhouses represents a rapidly evolving crop input. Therefore, energy saving lighting controls are an increasingly critical solution in the controlled environment agriculture industry in light of soaring energy prices.

“Validating GrowFlux mesh against other wireless control technologies gave us the confidence to offer wireless controls to our customers while maintaining the quality and reliability HLG is known for. Many of our customers have high value crops under our lights and competing wireless control technologies couldn’t give growers certainty that their crops wouldn’t experience disruption.” said HLG CEO Steve Johnson.

GrowFlux’s platform includes easy to use apps for any device, including iOS, Android, and a web browser-based control panel. In addition, the platform enables next generation autonomous control systems with cloud enabled software APIs that enterprise growers and control system developers can leverage.

GrowFlux is a data and automation platform that modernizes greenhouses and indoor farms with reliable plug and play IoT connectivity, cloud enabled automation, and modern software APIs. The GrowFlux platform empowers growers and equipment manufacturers by providing rapidly deployable, self-install controls and intuitive web applications to scale resource efficient greenhouses and indoor farms.

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