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InnoPhase IoT Further Expands Use Cases for End-to-End IoT Video Camera Designs

InnoPhase IoT, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low power Wi-Fi IoT solutions, launched a Talaria TWO™ Ultra-low power (ULP) Wi-Fi optimized market-ready solution for cloud-connected IP video IoT devices. Increased demand for long battery life, low-power wireless video cameras is no longer limited by wires, placement, or constant battery changes. In addition to such applications as battery-operated video cameras, smart video doorbells, wearables, smart appliances, home security cameras and in-vehicle dashboard monitoring devices, OEMs and ODMs are introducing new categories of video devices with designs that use solar technology and artificial intelligence (AI) as important parts of new solutions.

“At Ingenic, we’re all about providing low-energy computing necessary for today’s smart video devices”

The Talaria TWO ULP Wi-Fi and BLE platform is the technology behind InnoPhase IoT’s low-power, long-battery life solution. Using a dual-stack power optimized software solution combined with an advanced digital polar radio design, the multiprotocol cloud connected platform eliminates the challenges involved with yesterday’s power-hungry processing of video IoT designs.

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InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO wireless platform for video use-cases include:

  • Supports up to 2K camera resolution
  • Integrated MCU within Talaria TWO enables off-loading of TCP-IP networking and cloud connectivity stack when ISP is powered down to conserve power
  • Always ON, Always Connected feature enables low latency and mitigates image loss issues
  • Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) Wi-Fi at BLE power levels enables 2-4X improvement in battery life
  • Ease of use by provisioning Wi-Fi using integrated BLE

Until now, untethered wireless cloud connectivity and an elusive long battery life were two major design barriers for video IoT. In fact, approximately 10% of video cameras are currently battery-operated primarily because of battery-life limitations. Yet moving to a wireless format, however, wasn’t possible since ubiquitous Wi-Fi is inherently power hungry, rapidly draining video camera’s batteries. The possibility of adding even more features such as AI would have meant an even shorter battery life.

The new InnoPhase IoT video solution features address all of these previous challenges with a solution available now that provides 40% lower power consumption and 1+ year battery life performance. InnoPhase IoT also offers device developers a variety of market ready solutions from OEMs and ODMs.

“At Ingenic, we’re all about providing low-energy computing necessary for today’s smart video devices,” said Zoro Huang, Director of Video Sensing product line. “The ability to access complete and market-ready solutions is critical for IoT video designs that are moving so rapidly. InnoPhase IoT’s delivery of a low-power end-to-end solution gives us an easy and fast way to get to market.”

SOURCE: Businesswire 

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