Monday, September 25, 2023

Rallyware Acquires Myagi, Driving Evolution in Retail Performance Enablement

Rallyware, the Performance Enablement Platform, is proud to announce the acquisition of Myagi, a retail sales enablement platform that allows the world’s leading brands to seamlessly share, measure, and drive product knowledge and brand advocacy at scale, empowering the retail sales force to sell better and sell more.

Following a global pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues, companies find themselves facing many factors outside their control. One element they can control, however, is the technologies they use to propel sales performance both in and out of the store.

Together, Rallyware and Myagi will drive not only brand advocacy and product knowledge, but ultimately sales performance and customer relations, delivering strong, reliable ROI to world-leading consumer brands and their multi-brand retailer partners.

The synergy between Rallyware and Myagi lies in technology that transforms retail channels and sales practices at a time when such evolution is needed to remain competitive. On top of the Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform, Rallyware will layer Myagi’s vast network of brands and retailers, which customers access to help them create brand advocates and transfer the right knowledge to drive sales performance and improve customer experience.

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At the same time, Rallyware lets retailers and brands deploy smart, automated technology to integrate with performance data and drive sales performance, productive behaviors, and long-term customer relationships. Retailers and brands become not just entities to be bought from, but modern organizations that actively sell and engage with shoppers both in and out of store.

Rallyware is committed to continue growing and introducing exciting new solutions to the direct selling industry while expanding in retail. In the era of omnichannel sales, retail and direct selling have much to learn from each other, with retailers testing out direct selling and influencer marketing channels, and direct selling enterprises embracing in-store sales models.

Further, while generating new revenue sources with sales force enablement, the partnership will enable enterprises to cut technology stack and training costs, consolidating internal communications with sales reps, ongoing training content, and brand-to-seller communications within one platform.

Driving the Modern Seller Experience with Rallyware-Myagi Synergy

With this acquisition, brands and retailers that deploy Myagi to educate their sellers will be able to provide the whole sales rep experience on top of brand training, empowering the workforce to reach their goals, and intelligently rewarding them when they do.


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