Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Pulse Technologies’ Electrode Surface Treatment Chosen for Cardiac Device

Pulse Technologies Inc. has announced that its proprietary Hierarchical Surface Restructuring (HSR™) technology is being utilized as part of Cardionomic’s Cardiac Pulmonary Nerve Stimulation (CPNS) System for treating patients suffering from Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (ADHF).

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Said Steve Goedeke, CEO of Cardionomic, “Hierarchical Surface Restructuring is an enabling technology for Cardionomic as we develop our novel therapy intended to treat Acute Decompensated Heart Failure.”

The groundbreaking HSR™ patented technology modifies the surface of implantable electrodes and microelectrode arrays. The process allows an engineered surface that not only meets clients’ precise performance requirements, but can enhance charge storage capacity, increase capacitance, and decrease impedance. HSR™ technology eliminates the risk of delamination, cracking and flaking associated with surface coatings, resulting in unparalleled durability. These improvements can enable smaller devices that have lower material costs and offer patient benefits.

“Our engineered surfaces deliver highly customizable and tunable surface characteristics, as well as durable electrochemical performance for a wide range of neural and cardiac interfacing applications ranging from neuromodulation to cardiac rhythm and cardiac mapping catheters,” said Joe Rosato, CEO of Pulse Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to pair our HSR™ technology with Cardionomic’s innovative Cardiac Pulmonary Nerve Stimulation System and play a role in treating heart failure.”

Pulse Technologies, Inc. is an advanced technology, engineering and contract manufacturing company focused on active implantable medical device components and assemblies. Since its founding in 1993, Pulse has made significant investment in next-generation capabilities, including specialized surfaces and coatings. For more information on the company and its technologies, please visit www.pulsetechnologies.com.

Cardionomic, Inc. is a privately held U.S. company that designs and produces devices to address heart failure. For more information on the company and its products, please visit www.cardionomicinc.com. The CPNS System is an investigational device and is limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use.

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