Thursday, June 13, 2024

Leading E-commerce Logistics and Fulfillment Brand NextSmartShip Partners with B2B Medical E-commerce Giant LyncMed

NextSmartShip, a world-leading fulfillment service provider for global e-commerce sellers, signed a strategic partnership agreement with LyncMed, a major global e-commerce platform for medical instruments.

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Under this partnership, NextSmartShip will empower LyncMed during its global expansion with industry-leading logistics and fulfillment expertise and the next-gen proprietary SaaS platform – Fulfillship.

Global e-commerce has seen exceptional growth since the pandemic. Besides traditional industry giants like Amazon, new e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Walmart, and other vertical platforms were also propelled into a higher growth trajectory. Fulfillment companies played a fundamental role during this.

NextSmartShip has been the fulfillment partner for many of these platforms and is becoming the best and only option for more e-commerce, especially B2B platforms for their fulfillment solution, thanks to its comprehensive and innovative capabilities as a fully equipped provider throughout all supply chain stages and the in-depth experience serving 1000+ international DTC brands. Featuring:

97% global coverage with 70+ top international carrier partners;
Next-gen SaaS platform offering smart functions like routes recommendation, fee estimation, smart inventory distribution, seamless tracking updates etc;
Open API kits that allow easy integration into B2B platforms;
Dedicated servers which ensure fast, stable, and secure data transmission;
Top of the line value-added services, e.g., product assembling and kitting;
One-stop experience: pick up at the door of your thousands of vendors (within China) and deliver globally;
A seamless payment experience supporting flexible billing models;
Highly-rated customer service.
As one of the leading B2B players in a vertical field, LyncMed is committed to bridging different sectors and improving the efficiency of the whole value chain for the medical device industry. Through this new partnership, LyncMed hopes to meet more global requirements with a stable, efficient, complete yet flexible logistic solution powered by NextSmartShip.

“Relying on our advantages in the global fulfillment industry, our innovative solution can help LyncMed build a robust platform that truly empowers global businesses in the medical device industry.”

“We have been chosen and recommended as the overall fulfillment solution provider for nearly ten similar supply chain e-commerce platforms globally, including some industry giants. This proves the scarcity of the ‘NextSmartShip Solution’,” said William Yu, CEO and founder of NextSmartShip.

“We are much grateful to all our partners for their trust and recognition of our services and solution. We hope to provide a much more seamless and comfortable logistics experience for both sellers and their buyers on these e-commerce platforms so that sellers can truly focus on scaling their business through product development and supply chain management, which are their core advantages.”

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